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I’m an amateur photographer and a native of Illinois.

My first camera was an Anscoset III 35mm film camera that my dad gave me in 1974 for a "La Fox Boys 4H club" photography project.  I was hooked on photography!
I worked on my High School newspaper and yearbook. After high school I was hired as the Colorado State University yearbook senior photography editor. I worked for CSU from 1979-1983. Cameras were manual focus, manual exposure, and manual flash. It’s amazing we got any good pictures! Back then we spent more time in the darkroom than we did taking pictures. Digital cameras and computers have really changed photography.

I like this Zenfolio website. Please stop by regularly, I update it all the time. 

If you have any comments or want me to take pictures for you, please send me an E-mail. I love photography and would be happy to help.

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